Coastal Carolina Sorority Rankings (2024)

1. Coastal Carolina University - CCU - Sororities - Greekrank

  • Coastal Carolina University - CCU Sororities. Total Sororities: 11; Overall Average:69.8%. Sororities - By Name Sort By: Name | Rank. Name. Rate. Ratings.

  • Sorority reviews, ratings, and rankings for Coastal Carolina University - CCU greek life - Greekrank

2. Coastal Carolina University - CCU - Greek Life Overview - Greekrank

  • A summary of the latest discussion, fraternity ratings, and sorority ratings for Coastal Carolina University - CCU.

  • A summary of the latest discussion, fraternity ratings, and sorority ratings for Coastal Carolina University - CCU

3. Our Community | Coastal Carolina

4. What's the most frustrating thing about Coastal Carolina University? - Unigo

  • The most frustrating thing about my school is the greek life. I know some fraternities and sororities on campus except everyone and are a good way to meet other ...

  • Billie Jean

5. Fraternity & Sorority Life - Coastal Carolina University

  • Our Community · How to Join · For Families · About

  • I am so glad you have found yourself exploring the Coastal Carolina University fraternity and sorority community. With 20 chapters, the fraternity and sorority community at CCU includes more than 1,200 students. These students represent a wide cross-section of the university community. You'll find incredible diversity in the majors, hometowns, backgrounds, and involvement of members at CCU. 

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  • See where Coastal Carolina University ranks among top colleges in the U.S.

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  • Applying to Coastal Carolina University? Get up-to-date admissions statistics, SAT scores, student reviews, and more from The Princeton Review.

8. Coastal Carolina University | World University Rankings | THE

  • Find the latest world rank for Coastal Carolina University and key information for prospective students..

  • Coastal Carolina University is a higher education institution situated in Conway, South Carolina, around 25 miles from the border with North Carolina. Now referred to as CCU, the university’s history dates back to 1954, when local residents established Coastal Carolina Junior College, then a branch of the College of Charleston, 100 miles down the Atlantic coast. From 1960 to 1993, CCU was affiliated to the University of South Carolina. It moved to its current location, in between the small town of Conway and the resort town of Myrtle Beach, visited by tens of thousands of holidaygoers every summer, in 1961. Conway, which is 14 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, lies on the River Waccamaw, is one of the oldest towns in the state. CCU was made an independent university by the state legislature in 1993. By 2015, it had grown from a 54-student institution to one hosting more than 10,000. The 633-acre university has more than 100 buildings, over 180 student clubs, 4,000 beds, an 18-hole golf course, and a dedicated shuttle bus. Bicycles are available to hire. CCU offered its first doctoral programme in 2014, the PhD in coastal and marine systems science. The university also owns land on nearby Waties Island, which marine science students can use as a research facility. In 2016, CCU’s men’s baseball team won their first ever College World Series, defeating the University of Arizona in the best-of-three contest. The men’s basketball team has contested the NCAA Tournament, the most prest...

9. Top 18 Things *NOT* To Say During Sorority Recruitment - Her Campus

  • 18 jul 2023 · Coastal Carolina University · Colby College · Colgate University ... Sorority recruitment, of course. Your sorority rush–no matter what ...

  • The guide you def need to read before recruitment.

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  • Explore the 2024 Best Greek Life Colleges ranking. Compare Greek life at South Carolina colleges ... Coastal Carolina University.

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Coastal Carolina Sorority Rankings (2024)


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