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Blox Fruits can naturally appear every hour (or every 45 minutes on weekends) at random locations on the map. If not collected within 20 minutes, they will disappear.


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  • 2 Fruit Spawn Locations
  • 3 First Sea
  • 4 Second Sea
  • 5 Third Sea
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Ways to find fruits[]

  1. Using the Fruit Notifier Gamepass for 2,700.
  2. Setting a timer when starting a private server and waiting until a fruit spawns (1 hour on weekdays and 45 minutes on weekends).
    • Learn every fruit spawn location and check each one.
    • Check every tree on the map.
  3. Randomly finding a fruit under a tree.

Fruit Spawn Locations[]

First Sea[]

  • Middle Town

  • Pirate Starter

  • Marine Starter

  • Jungle

  • Pirate Village

  • Desert

  • Frozen Village

  • Marine Fortress

  • Skylands

  • Upper Skylands

  • Prison

  • Colosseum

  • Magma Village

  • Underwater City

  • Fountain City

Check under the trees.

Close to the boat dealer.

At the back of the island.

Check under all trees.

Close to Brutes at the back of the island.

  • There is a chance that a blox fruit will spawn between two cactuses.

Spawn near the pyramid.

Check the tree near the ladder and the trees behind the snow bandit npcs.

Check the tree near the stairs and the trees near the chief petty officers.

  • A fruit may spawn on the third island with the Dark Masters.
  • A fruit may spawn at a tree near the lake at the island where the quest giver is.
  • A fruit may spawn in the left side of the bottom island.

At the tree close to Wysper. A fruit also spawn on the nearest tree from the temple.

Check under the trees.

At a tree behind the most outer house (nearest to the volcano).

There are currently no fruits that spawn in Underwater City.

Near one of the Galley Captains.

Second Sea[]

  • Kingdom of Rose

  • Green Zone

  • Graveyard

  • Dark Arena

  • Snow Mountain

  • Usoapp's Island

  • Hot and Cold

  • Cursed Ship

  • Ice Castle

  • Forgotten Island

  • First point, To the left of spawn port (dock 3 in portal) The tree in between Colosseum and edge of the map.
  • Second point, All the tree around swan pirate (mainly behind the middle build that have gold chest on top and bronze chest behind). And in between aura editor and swan pirate (just check all the tree there to be sure).
  • Third point, in between Diamond spawn location (the big tree) to the bridge under the tree And also under the tree between factory and the bridge.
  • Fourth spawn under a tree near the factory.
  • Fifth spawn under a tree, near the bridge.

Close to Swan Pirates.

Close to Café.

  • First point - All under mushroom (the one where you can see hot and cold), and the one behind the hill next to that.
  • Second point - Under the purple mushroom next to Fajita.
  • Third point - Under the vine close to one of the Marine Lieutenants.

On the right of graveyard port (just go around the island to be sure).

Check all the trees there.

First point, Starting from the port of the snow mountain, check all the tree on the left side of the mountain from front to the back. Second point, The right side of the edge of the mountain (closest to dark arena). (It never spawn on top of the mountain i checked)

Under A tree. (One spawn)

First point, Under the few trees around the shark, electric, dark step NPC. Second point, Behind the molten cauldron the tree to the back of the island and turn to the left and check the ice side as well.

Go upstairs, check on both side on the second floor where only 2 plant pot is at (It spawns under both so check both)

Right side

Left side

On the small hill there's a bridge leading to the castle.

  • First point, To the left side of the skull island around the beach to where aura master spawn.
  • Second point, Behind the skull island in-between the 2 island and possibly even behind the boss spawn.
  • Third point, it will appear to the left of the skull and is floating on a tree. The hitbox in this part is very strange as the user can go up.
  • Fourth point, there is one near the Daigrock, the Sharkman.

Third Sea[]

4 Spawn Locations

At left side of Port Town.

Close to Stone.

7 Spawn Locations

Tree above the Training Dummy.

Close to Secret Temple.

Between Secret Temple and Dragon Crew Archers.

Close to Secret Temple.

Close to Dragon Crew Archers.

Close to Female Islander.

3 Spawn Locations

Close to Marine Tree Quest Giver.

Close to Marine Rear Admirals.

8 Spawn Locations

Close to Musketeer Pirates.

Close to Horned Man.

Close to Fishman Raiders.

Close to Captain Elephant.

Close to Jungle Pirates.

On top of mountain close to Musketeer Pirates.

Close to Mythological Pirates.

Close to Longma.

4 Spawn Locations

Close to Sealed King.

At right side of Castle on the Sea.

2 Spawn Locations

Close to Reborn Skeletons.

Close to Living Zombies.

8 Spawn Locations

Between Peanut Scouts and Peanut Presidents.

Between Ice Cream Chefs and Ice Cream Commanders.

Close to Baking Staff.

Close to Cake Guards.

Close to Chocolate Bar Battlers.

Close to Snow Demons.

2 Spawn Locations

On top of Tiki Outpost.

Close to Isle Champions.


  • Only 2 fruits can spawn in a private server from the time it starts, to prevent exploiters from farming fruits.
  • Fruits spawn under anything considered a tree, such as potted plants, cacti, and snow-covered trees, except at the castle in the Skylands.
    • A special case that appears in Forgotten Island is floating on trees, this is because the nearby area is bugged.

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Fruit Spawn Locations (2024)


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