Fountain City at the First Sea of Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1]⭐ (2024)

Located as the last and largest island in the First Sea, Fountain City in Blox Fruits provides a final challenge for players between levels 625 and 700 before advancing to the Second Sea. With its impressive design and unique challenges, this island serves as a threshold that determines players’ readiness to embark on larger-scale adventures.

Fountain City at the First Sea of Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1]⭐ (1)

Where is the Fountain City in Blox Fruits?

Fountain City is the last and largest island located in the First Sea of Blox Fruits. This impressive city is known for its colossal central fountain and sloping terrain towards a large arched seawall. The city’s design, with rivers flowing from the fountain to the ocean and its combination of natural and urban landscapes, makes it a standout destination in the game.

What level do you leave Fountain City in Blox Fruits?

Players generally leave Fountain City when they reach levels between 625 and 700. The city’s challenges and enemies, including Galley Pirates, Galley Captains, and the formidable boss Cyborg, are tailored for players within this level range. Fountain City serves as the final hurdle in the First Sea, testing players’ skills and readiness before they advance to the larger-scale adventures awaiting in the Second Sea.

Inhabitants, NPCs, and Enemies in Fountain City

Below, we will show you all the Inhabitants, NPCs, and Enemies in Fountain City:

Boat DealerGalley Pirate
Luxury Boat DealerGalley Captain
Home PointsCyborg

Immersing in the vibrant life of Fountain City in Blox Fruits, the city teems with action and adventure, thanks in large part to its varied inhabitants, non-playable characters (NPCs), and enemies. This article provides a detailed look at these challenging characters and creatures that await players around every corner of the largest city in the First Sea.

Galley Pirates in Fountain City

An essential element defining the identity of Fountain City is the Galley Pirates. This ruthless group of pirates occupies one-third of the island, serving as a formidable obstacle for players looking to level up to 675. Equipped with swords, these pirates do not possess Aura, making it relatively easy for players to defeat them. Players can take shelter behind barriers and repeatedly hit these enemies, ensuring a steady and sure victory.

Galley Captains in Fountain City

However, Fountain City also houses the Galley Captains, an upgraded version of the Galley Pirates. Although it is possible to face these NPCs, it is not recommended as they possess superior abilities and are located far from the quest giver. Additionally, the Galley Captains can use Aura and do not offer significantly greater rewards than their pirate counterparts. However, players can mitigate some of these issues with the help of Human: Buddha.

Cyborg, the Fountain City Boss

The true test of skills in Fountain City comes in the form of the Cyborg, the city’s boss. This powerful cyborg has the ability to unleash high-damage punches and missiles, as well as attacks with a large area of effect. Considered one of the toughest enemies in the game, second only to Greybeard, Cyborg poses a formidable challenge. Despite its power, players can face this boss more efficiently with the use of long-range attacks, such as those from Light.

Other Enemies in Fountain City

Fountain City is not only populated by pirates and cyborgs; it also has a variety of standard NPCs found on almost every major island. The quest giver for this island is Freezeburg, who provides players with valuable objectives and rewards.
In summary, Fountain City is a hive of activity and challenges, with a variety of inhabitants, NPCs, and enemies that keep players on their toes. From the Galley Pirates to the formidable Cyborg, the challenges posed by the city are manifold and varied, making each visit to this metropolis of Blox Fruits an action-filled adventure.

The Beauty of Fountain City

Fountain City is distinguished by a prominent feature: a colossal fountain in the center of the island with water flowing down. The surrounding terrain slopes down towards a large arched seawall that encircles the island. Numerous small rivers flow from the fountain to the ocean through granite arches in the wall. Additionally, the island houses some houses and trees, and grassy areas where it is not paved.
This dazzling city with its grand fountain and its design sloping towards the sea presents a stunning view that not only adds beauty to the game environment but also reflects the increasing level of challenges that players will face.

Tips and Curiosities of Fountain City

Players can use clever tactics on this island to gain an advantage. For example, the Galley Pirate and the Galley Captain can get stuck in the short wall, allowing players to easily defeat them with long-range attacks. However, it is crucial to avoid any skills they can use, especially in the case of the Galley Captain.
As a curious note, Fountain City is the largest island in the First Sea, a prelude to the even larger size of the islands in the later seas. At the top of the fountain, players can find a diamond chest, adding an exciting touch to exploration. Additionally, unlike other locations, the water in Fountain City does not damage Blox Fruits users.

Perhaps most impressively, Fountain City is visible from anywhere in the First Sea due to the fountain’s great height. This element emphasizes the significance of Fountain City as a significant landmark in the players’ journey.

In summary, Fountain City in Blox Fruits is a must-visit destination for any advanced player on their way to the Second Sea. With its majestic design and unique challenges, this city represents a significant milestone in the gaming experience, a challenge that only the most skilled players will overcome. Are you ready for the adventure that awaits in Fountain City?

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Fountain City at the First Sea of Blox Fruits [UPDATE 20.1]⭐ (2024)


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