Blox Fruits islands in order - NPC levels and bosses (2024)

Blox Fruits islands in order - NPC levels and bosses (1)Updated on by Trent Cannon

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The world of Blox Fruits is massive, which is why it helps to have a goodBlox Fruits mapin your back pocket as you set out to explore. While it might not necessarily have an X marking the spot to treasure, it will tell you how to find the right quests for your level and to progress further in the game. Few Roblox games are as big as Blox Fruits, so a little knowledge can go a long way.

✓ Blox Fruit Island Order and Level

  • First Sea level requirement is 0
  • Second Sea level requirement is 700
  • Third Sea level requirement is 1500

What is the order of islands in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is divided into three regions called Seas. The First Sea is where new players start out before progressing on to the Second Sea and finally the Third Sea. However, each island in these regions has its own distinct level requirements, so it is worth checking before you get to an area if it is either too high or low for your current level.

First Sea Islands and Quests

Blox Fruits islands in order - NPC levels and bosses (2)

Below are all the islands in the First Sea in Blox Fruits in level order, as well as every NPC, quest, and boss present in the area.

Starter Pirate Island

  • Level Requirements: Starter Island
  • NPC: 2 Boat Dealers, Luxury Boat Dealer, Home Point, Sword Dealer, Blox Fruit Dealer, Marine Recruiter
  • Bosses: None
  • Quests: Defeat 5 Bandits ($350 and 300 XP)

Starter Marine Island

  • Level Requirements: Starter Island
  • NPC: 3 Boat Dealers, Luxury Boat Dealer, Home Points, Sword Dealer, Blox Fruit Dealer, Pirate Recruiter
  • Bosses: None
  • Quests: Defeat 5 Trainees ($350 and 300 XP)


  • Level Requirements: 15-30
  • NPC: Boat Dealer, Home Point, Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin
  • Bosses: Gorilla King, Saber Expert
  • Quests: Defeat 6 Monkeys ($800 and 2300 XP), Defeat 8 Gorillas ($1200 and 4500 XP), Defeat Gorilla King ($2000 and 9500 XP)

Pirate Village

  • Level Requirements: 30-60
  • NPC: Rich Man, Sword Dealer of the West, Home Point
  • Bosses: Bobby the Clown,
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Pirates ($3000 and 13k XP), Defeat 8 Brutes ($3500 and 22k XP), Defeat Bobby the Clown ($8000 and 45k XP)


  • Level Requirements: 60-90
  • NPC: Hasan, Home Point
  • Bosses: None
  • Quests: Defeat 10 Desert Bandits ($4000 and 45k XP), Defeat 6 Desert Officers ($4500 and 65k XP),

Middle Island

  • Level Requirements: 100
  • NPC: Weapon Dealer, Robot Mega, Aura Editor, Blox Fruit Dealer, 4 Boat Dealers, 2 Luxury Boat Dealers, Experienced Captain
  • Bosses: Saw
  • Quests: Defeat Saw (Chance to get Shark Saw)

Frozen Village

  • Level Requirements: 90-120
  • NPC: Sword Dealer of the East, Sick Man, Ability Teacher
  • Bosses: Yeti
  • Quests: Defeat 7 Snow Bandits ($5000 and 90k XP), Defeat 10 Snowmen ($5500 and 150k XP), Defeat Yeti

Marine Fortress

  • Level Requirements: 120-150
  • NPC: Parlus, Advanced Weapon Dealer
  • Bosses: Vice Admiral, Greybeard
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Chief Petty Officers ($6000 and 225k XP), Defeat 1 Vice Admiral ($15k and 415k XP)


  • Level Requirements: 150-190 (Lower Skylands), 450-475 (Middle Skylands), 475-575 (Upper Skylands)
  • NPC: Mad Scientist (Lower Skylands), Master Sword Dealer (Lower Skylands), Instinct Teacher (Upper Skylands)
  • Bosses: Wysper (Upper Skylands), Thunder God (Upper Skylands)
  • Quests: Defeat 7 Sky Bandits ($7000 and 315k XP), Defeat 8 Dark Masters ($7500 and 450k XP), Defeat 7 God’s Guards ($8750 and 4.25m XP), Defeat 9 Shandas ($9000 and 5m XP), Defeat 1 Wysper ($15k and 5.7m XP), Defeat 8 Royal Squads ($9500 and 5.8m XP), Defeat Thunder God ($20k and 8m XP)


  • Level Requirements: 190- 275
  • NPC: Fruit Remover, Military Detective
  • Bosses: Warden, Chief Warden, Swan
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Prisoners ($7000 and 550k XP), Defeat 8 Dangerous Prisoners ($7500 and 780k XP), Defeat Warden ($6000 and 850k XP), Defeat Chief Warden ($10k and 1m XP), Defeat Swan ($15k and 1.6m XP)


  • Level Requirements: 225-300
  • NPC: None
  • Bosses: None
  • Quests: Defeat 7 Toga Warriors ($7000 and 1.1m XP), Defeat 8 Gladiators ($7500 and 1.3m XP)

Magma Village

  • Level Requirements: 300-375
  • NPC: Living Skeleton
  • Bosses: Magma Admiral
  • Quests: Defeat 9 Military Soldiers ($8250 and 1.7m XP), Defeat 8 Military Spies ($8500 and 2m XP), Defeat Magma Admiral ($15k and 3m XP)

Underwater City

  • Level Requirements: 375-450
  • NPC: Water Kung Fu Teacher
  • Bosses: Fishman Lord
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Fishman Warriors ($8750 and 3.05m XP), Defeat 7 Fishman Commandos ($9000 and 3.35m XP), Defeat Fishman Lord ($15k and 4.25m XP)

Fountain City

  • Level Requirements: 625-700
  • NPC: None
  • Bosses: Cyborg
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Galley Pirates ($10k and 7.5m XP), Defeat 9 Galley Captains ($10k and 8.5m XP), Defeat Cyborg ($20k and 10m XP)

Second Sea Islands and Quests

Blox Fruits islands in order - NPC levels and bosses (3)

The Second Sea is often referred to as the New World and consists of 10 different islands to explore. You can only access this region after completing the Military Detective quest on the Prison Island in the First Sea, which is unlockable after reaching level 700 or higher.

Kingdom of Rose

  • Level Requirements: 700-875
  • NPC: The Aura Editor, Legendary Sword Dealer
  • Bosses: Diamond, Jeremy
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Raiders ($10250 and 8.75m XP), Defeat 8 Mercenaries ($10.5k and 9.75m XP), Defeat Diamond ($25k and 12.5XP), Defeat 8 Swan Pirates ($10750 and 11.5m XP), Defeat 8 Factory Staff ($11k and 13m XP), Defeat Jeremy ($25k and 16m XP)


  • Level Requirements: 700
  • NPC: Home Point, Bounty Expert, Honor Expert, Nerd, Tort, Manager, Customer, Titles Specialist, Awakenings Expert, Colours Specialist
  • Bosses: None
  • Quests: Defeat Bartilo ($50k and 35m XP)

Remote Island

  • Level Requirements: 700
  • NPC: The Strongest God, Legendary Sword Dealer
  • Bosses: None
  • Quests: None

Green Zone

  • Level Requirements: 875-950
  • NPC: Alchemist, The Master of Aura, Legendary Sword Dealer
  • Bosses: Fajita
  • Quests: Defeat Marine Lieutenant ($11250 and 15m XP), Defeat 9 Marine Captains ($11.5k and 16.5m XP), Defeat Fajita ($25k and 19m XP


  • Level Requirements: 950-1000
  • NPC: Rip_Indra, Crew Captain, Legendary Sword Dealer
  • Bosses: None
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Zombies ($11750 and 19m XP), Defeat 8 Vampires ($12k and 20.5m XP)

Snow Mountain

  • Level Requirements: 1000-1100
  • NPC: Martial Arts Master
  • Bosses: None
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Snow Troopers ($12250 and 22.5m XP), Defeat 9 Winter Warriors ($12.5k and 24m XP)

Hot and Cold

  • Level Requirements: 1100-1250
  • NPC: Master of Auras, Mysterious Scientist, Arithmetic
  • Bosses: Smoke Admiral, Order
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Lab Subordinates ($12250 and 25.5m XP), Defeat 9 Horned Warriors ($12.5k and 27m XP), Defeat Smoke Admiral ($20k and 32.5m XP), Defeat 8 Magma Ninja ($12250 and 29m XP), Defeat 9 Lava Pirates ($12.5k and 31m XP), Order (chance of dropping Koko, Zebra Cap, and Core Brain)

Cursed Ship

  • Level Requirements: 1250-1350
  • NPC: Guashiem, El Admin, El Rodolfo, El Perro, Experimic
  • Bosses: Cursed Captain
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Ship Deckhands ($12250 and 33m XP), Defeat 8 Ship Engineers ($12.5k and 35.5m XP), Defeat 8 Ship Stewards ($12250 and 37.5m XP), Defeat 8 Ship Officers ($12.5k and 39.5m XP)

Ice Castle

  • Level Requirements: 1350-1425
  • NPC: Phoeyu the Reformed
  • Bosses: Awakened Ice Admiral
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Artic Warriors ($12250 and 41m XP), Defeat 8 Snow Lurkers ($12.5k and 43m XP), Defeat Awakened Ice Admiral ($20k and 45m XP)

Forgotten Island

  • Level Requirements: 1425-1500
  • NPC: Daigrock the Sharkman
  • Bosses: Tide Keeper
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Sea Soldiers ($12250 and 47m XP), Defeat 8 Water Fighters ($12.5k and 49m XP), Defeat Tide Keeper ($12.5k and 51m XP)

Dark Arena

  • Level Requirements: 1000
  • NPC: None
  • Bosses: Darkbeard
  • Quests: None

Third Sea Islands and Quests

Blox Fruits islands in order - NPC levels and bosses (4)

The Third Sea is the newest region of Blox Fruits and has the toughest enemies in the game. You must be at least level 1500 to explore this region’s seven islands.

Port Town

  • Level Requirements: 1500-1575
  • NPC: Blox Fruit Dealer, Boat Dealer, Luxury Boat Dealer
  • Bosses: Stone
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Pirate Millionaires ($13k and 53m XP), Defeat 8 Pistol Billionaires ($15k and 55.5m XP), Defeat Stone ($25k and 60m XP)

Hydra Island

  • Level Requirements: 1575-1700
  • NPC: None
  • Bosses: Island Empress
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Dragon Crew Warriors ( $13k and 58m XP), Defeat 8 Dragon Crew Archers ($15k and 60.5m XP), Defeat 8 Female Islanders ($13k and 62.5m XP), Defeat 8 Giant Islanders ($13k and 64m XP), Defeat Island Empress ($30k and 70m XP), Defeat Training Dummy ($22k, 200 fragments, and 70m XP)

Great Tree

  • Level Requirements: 1700-1775
  • NPC: Crew Captain, Master of Auras
  • Bosses: Kilo Admiral
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Marine Commodores ($13k and 68m XP), Defeat 8 Marine Rear Admirals ($15k and 70.5m XP), Defeat Kilo Admiral ($35k and 78m XP)

Floating Turtle

  • Level Requirements: 1800-1975
  • NPC: Citizen, Horned Man, Hungry Man, Previous Hero, The Master of Aura, Pirate Recruiter, Marine Recruiter
  • Bosses: Captain Elephant, Beautiful Pirate
  • Quests: Defeat 50 Forest Pirates (Musketeer Hat), Complete Citizen Quest and gain 5000 XP on Instinct (Instinct V2), Defeat Stone, Island Empress, Kilo Admiral, Captain Elephant, and Beautiful Pirate (Rainbow Savior Aura), Defeat 8 Fishman Raiders ($13k and 73m XP), Defeat 8 Fishman Captains ($15k and 75.5m XP), Defeat 8 Forest Pirates ($13k and 78m XP), Defeat Mythological Pirate ($13k and 81m XP), Defeat Captain Elephant ($40k and 90m XP), Defeat 8 Jungle Pirates ($13k and 85m XP), Defeat 8 Musketeer Pirates ($15k and 87.5m XP), Defeat Beautiful Pirate ($50k and 100m XP)


  • Level Requirements: 1900
  • NPC: Bounty Expert, Honor Expert, Nerd, Tort, Titles Specialist, Awakenings Expert, Colours Specialist
  • Bosses: None
  • Quests: None

Castle on the Sea

  • Level Requirements: None
  • NPC: Player Hunter, Elite Hunter, Tacomura, Lunoven, Plokster, Butler, Aura Editor, Erin, Mysterious Scientist, Mad Scientist, Phoeyu the Reformed, Dark Step Teacher, Daigrock the Sharkman, Water Kung Fu Teacher, Sabi, Martial Arts Master, Boat Dealer, Luxury Boat Dealer
  • Bosses: Rip_Indra
  • Quests: Eliminate a random player on the server ($20k and 50m XP), Eliminate a random Elite Pirate ($15k, 100 fragments, and 60m XP)

Haunted Castle

  • Level Requirements: 1975-2075
  • NPC: Death King, Uzoth, Gravestone
  • Bosses: Soul Reaper
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Reborn Skeletons ($13k and 91m XP), Defeat 8 Living Zombies ($13250 and 93.5m XP), Defeat 8 Demonic Souls ($13.5k and 96m XP), Defeat 8 Possessed Mummies ($13750 and 98.5m XP)

Sea of Treats

  • Level Requirements: 2075-2450
  • NPC: None
  • Bosses: Cake Prince, Cake Queen
  • Quests: Defeat 8 Peanut Scouts ($14k and 100m XP), Defeat 8 Peanut Presidents ($14.1k and 102.5m XP), Defeat Ice Cream Chef ($14.2k and 105m XP), Defeat Ice Cream Commander ($14.3k and 107.5m XP), Defeat Cake Queen ($30k and 112.5m XP), Defeat 8 Cookie Crafters ($14.2k and 110m XP), Defeat Cake Guard ($14.3k and 112.5m XP), Defeat 8 Baking Staff ($14.4k and 115m XP), Defeat 8 Head Bakers ($14.5k and 117.5m XP), Defeat 8 Cocoa Warriors ($14.6k and 120m XP), Defeat 8 Chocolate Bar Battlers ($14.7k and 122.5m XP), Defeat 8 Sweet Thieves ($14.8 and 125m XP), Defeat 8 Candy Rebels ($14.9k and 127.5m XP)

Making your way through all these islands isn’t easy, so be sure to equip yourself with the top powers with our Blox Fruits tier list. We also have an easy breakdown of all the Blox Fruits races to help you decide which one works best for your play style and list of active Blox Fruit codes.

Blox Fruits islands in order - NPC levels and bosses (2024)


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